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Will Best discovered an interest in painting in 2004 at the time he and his wife purchased their first home. At the time, it was more of a hobby for Will while he worked at a Logistics Company. While working, Will continued to discover how much he enjoyed painting. He moved on to working at an Automation Company until he decided to take this hobby and transform it into a career! Subsequently, Will started working with a local painting company and learning new skills. As Will’s family continued to grow and his wife continued her career as a Special Education Teacher, he desired more flexibility in both his personal and professional life. In 2006, Will took a leap of faith and started his own painting company, Best Interior Painting. For the past decade, Best Interior Painting has allowed Will the opportunity to grow in a craft he loves and excels at.

Chris Monaco is an Allentown PA native and high school classmate of Will Best. Since completing school, Chris has lived in Groton, CT working in the Naval Shipbuilding industry.

Starting Our Lehigh Valley Painting Company

In 2015 Chris and Will joined forces as partners to form the painting company Best Painting of the Lehigh Valley in an effort to combine strengths to bring their passion for both customer service and the craft of painting to homeowners throughout the greater Lehigh Valley. It’s true to say that this team has created the best painting service in the area, offering both residential & commercial painting options. Learn more about our home painting company today & follow us on Facebook!

I am fortunate to have a partner and a family who share a vision for providing homeowners the best value for their dollar. When I wake up every day to go to work, I do not feel the dread so many people do, I feel just as excited as I did painting my own house years ago.

William Best
Co-owner, Best Painting of the Lehigh Valley